The Big Shift – Index

Abraham Lincoln40
Adam Ferguson40
Advice Process68
Alaska Permanent Fund10, 63
American Shale Oil Company16
Andrew Martin20
Andro Linklater48-52
Argentina depression37
Basic income65-66
Bernard Lietaer7, 32-36
Bill McKibben23-24
Blockchain technology89
British Columbia64-65
Bruce Lipton15
Buckminster Fuller16
Capital formation, investment38-9, 81-2
Carbon tax64, 66, 86, 92
Carbon tracker24
Central Middle Ages42-44
Change, process of26-30, 68-71,
Charles Eisenstein39
Chicago University2
Circulation incentive80-81
Citizens Dividends6, 20, 54, 62-64, 84
Climate change23-24
Complementary currencies36, 47
Commons30, 54
Community Board7
Community Land Trusts75
Comprehensive Capital Income Tax79
Credit Cycles59
Currency Board8-9
Currency design35
David Graeber53-54, 57
Deadweight taxes82
Debt deflation4, 82
Decaying currency8, 9, 37-46
Declaration of Interdependence9
Directory of Local Citizens10
Dirk Bezemer3-4
Disruptive technologies16-17
Dividends6, 10, 20
Donald Trump13, 15
Dual currencies39-46
Duke of Bridgewater51
Dynastic Egypt40-42
Economics in universities1-4, 31, 55
Elisabet Sahtouris26
Ellen Brown77
Energy and economy21-22, 24-25
Food abundance40-44
Fossil fuels21-23
Fred Harrison3, 62, 63
Frederic Laloux68, 69
Fritjov Capra17
Gail Tverberg13, 24-25
Gar Alperovitz33
Gareth Morgan80
Global Financial Crisis3-4, 13, 14, 23, 33
Global Risks11-17
Governance67-71, 85
Great Depression44-46
Growth imperative21, 24, 54-59
Henry George1-4, 37, 54
Hoarding penalty81
Housing, price of55, 85
Hyman Minsky25, 33
Income tax62, 78, 81,83
Industrial revolution51-53
Indigenous land88
Inflation8, 83, 89
Interest bearing debt, consequences of33-35
Irving Fisher45, 46
James Hanson65
James Robertson57
Jean Houston11
John D Rockefeller2
John Fullerton67-68
John Maynard Keynes37, 38
JP Morgan3
Kate Haworth58
Land and Resources Board8
Land and money55-59
Land enclosures in England49-53
Land rent39-46, 53-54
Land Rental Index10
Land speculation49, 5, 62-3
Land tax53-54, 56
Land tenure systems47-54, 56
Land trusts75
Land value53-54
Land use83
Land Value Capture76
Land value rating systems74
Leasehold land50
Local government69, 84
Mark Campanale24
Martin Adams53
Mason Gaffney1-4, 54
Michael Hudson54, 56
Michael Kumhof31-32
Money creation31-32
Moore and Robinson’s Bank52
Nafeez Ahmed16, 22-23
Naomi Klein11
Neoclassical Economics1-4
New Economics Party NZ58, 93
Nicole Foss70
Oil16, 21-23
Ottoman Empire47
Paradigms, underlying beliefs26-30
Participatory budgeting10
Political strategy1-4, 19-20, 60-61, 55-56, 67, 87-90
Positive Money34
Private debt34, 82
Property speculation59
Provincial government of NZ70
Public Banking77
Purchasing power82
Randal Wray33
Regional development83-84
Resource wars87-88
Rolland O’Regan50
Sally Goerner15,33
Satyajit Das13
Saving42-43, 81
Savings Pools73
Scott Baker60
Sharing the rents6, 10, 20, 54, 85
Silvio Gesell37-39, 54
Simon Patten56
Social Enterprises72
Steve Keen4, 32, 34, 59
Steven Belgin43
Susan Guthrie80
Systems thinking5, 17,18,19 20, 68-69
Tax systems18, 57, 62-63, 81
Tim Shadbolt69
Thomas Piketty62, 87
Transition pathway71-80
Values Party58
Velocity of Money29, 81, 90
Whole system shift18, 19, 20
Wörgl44-46, 90
Worker Cooperatives72
Yang money35