The Property Ladder is a Ladder of Thieves


I’ve been thinking about stealing. And it’s in relation to our tax system. We usually think of stealing in relation to private property. We could even steal the property of an organisation like an art gallery.

But the problem is that, with our current tax system, all the property owners of New Zealand are stealing from the public purse. And it is not their fault. They are usually oblivious. Continue reading “The Property Ladder is a Ladder of Thieves”

Retirement Villages – land, capital gains

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailI am going to start with my beliefs and assumptions about the Commons, about the tax system and land as commons.

Fundamentally the earth belongs to all of us so we all have a right to the commons. What is the commons? What was here when we were born, or what the community or the country created while we were alive. Sounds esoteric? Well let’s think about that one.

The land was here always, it continues when we die. And so was the sea here – and the waterways, give or take a few rivers that divert. The minerals under the ground, the fish in the sea and the native forests as well as the air, the electromagnetic spectrum were all there. God’s creation so to speak.

Continue reading “Retirement Villages – land, capital gains”

Two books ten years apart and the theme is the commons

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailToday I found a photo from the launch of my book Healthy Money Healthy Planet –Developing Sustainability through New Money Systems and I post it here. It was a good book, took a long time to write and Helen has sold a great many through Living Economies shop. Continue reading “Two books ten years apart and the theme is the commons”