The Property Ladder is a Ladder of Thieves


I’ve been thinking about stealing. And it’s in relation to our tax system. We usually think of stealing in relation to private property. We could even steal the property of an organisation like an art gallery.

But the problem is that, with our current tax system, all the property owners of New Zealand are stealing from the public purse. And it is not their fault. They are usually oblivious. Continue reading “The Property Ladder is a Ladder of Thieves”

A dual currency system

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailCovid-19 in New Zealand has resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs, including from Air New Zealand, Auckland Council, Fletchers, Millennium hotels, Sky City, Ngai Tahu and Bunnings. With the first round of wage subsidies ending in June and the second round ending in September there will be thousands more jobs to be lost. Despite the fact that on Monday 8 June we moved to Level One and we can all move around normally within our country, there is no sign of overseas tourism starting up again or Air NZ getting back to 2019 levels within the foreseeable future. Continue reading “A dual currency system”