15 sweltering heatwaves from 1900


Heatwaves are periods of abnormally hot weather that can last for days or weeks. They can be deadly, especially for elderly people, young children, and people with chronic health conditions. Heatwaves can also cause power outages, water shortages, and crop failures.

There have been many deadly heatwaves throughout history, but some of the most notable ones occurred in the 20th century. Fortunately, few have been in New Zealand! Continue reading “15 sweltering heatwaves from 1900”

Welcome to a baby born at 416ppm CO2 and overshoot


Welcome to a baby born at 416 ppm CO2 on the day that COP26 was meeting in Glasgow. This was said to be the last chance to turn around runaway climate change. Mind you they said that last time and the time before.

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