Tradable Energy Quotas will reduce Agricultural Emissions


When Degrowth Aotearoa New Zealand (DANZ) first became keen on advocating for Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs) as invented by David Fleming, we were worried that TEQs wouldn’t reduce our huge agricultural emissions, particularly methane and nitrous oxide. This piece explores the potential impact of TEQs (a form of rationing fossil fuels) on agriculture, the role of fossil fuels in farming. It concludes that TEQs will result in a decrease in agricultural emissions.

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Degrowth – the word to hate and then accept

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailYes, degrowth is an awful word but we won’t try and change it because there are already over 500 academic articles on degrowth. The movement is strong in Europe. Continue reading “Degrowth – the word to hate and then accept”