Severe weather events 2018-2020


Here is a list of towns, areas, or regions that have been seriously affected by floods, storms, fires, or droughts during the years 2018-2020 (and this is just three years):


  1. Townsville, Queensland, Australia (2019) – Severe flooding resulted from heavy rainfall, leading to the evacuation of thousands of residents. See above.
  2. Jakarta, Indonesia (2020) – Intense rainfall caused widespread flooding and landslides, displacing thousands of people.
  3. Venice, Italy (2019) – High tides and heavy rain led to historic flooding in the city, causing significant damage to infrastructure and cultural sites.
  4. Midwest United States (2019) – Flooding along the Missouri River and other waterways affected several states, damaging farmland and communities.


  1. Hurricane Dorian (2019) – Devastated parts of the Bahamas and caused significant damage in the southeastern United States and Atlantic Canada.
  2. Cyclone Idai (2019) – Struck Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, causing widespread destruction and loss of life.
  3. Typhoon Hagibis (2019) – Impacted Japan, leading to extensive flooding and landslides, particularly in the Tokyo area.
  4. Cyclone Fani (2019) – Hit the northeastern coast of India and Bangladesh, causing widespread damage and displacement.


  1. California, United States (2018-2020) – Multiple years of severe wildfires ravaged parts of California, including the Camp Fire (2018) and the August Complex Fire (2020).
  2. Australia Bushfires (2019-2020) – Unprecedented bushfires burned millions of acres of land, destroyed thousands of homes, and led to loss of life and extensive wildlife habitat destruction.
  3. Amazon Rainforest (2019) – Wildfires in the Amazon basin sparked international concern and raised alarm about deforestation and environmental impacts.
  4. Siberia, Russia (2019-2020) – Vast wildfires in Siberia contributed to large-scale air pollution and accelerated melting of Arctic ice.


  1. Cape Town, South Africa (2018) – Faced a severe water crisis known as “Day Zero” due to prolonged drought, prompting stringent water rationing measures.
  2. Chennai, India (2019) – Experienced an acute water shortage as a result of extended drought conditions and inadequate water management.
  3. Southwest United States (ongoing) – Persistent drought conditions have affected water supplies, agriculture, and ecosystems in states like California and Arizona.
  4. Eastern Australia (2018-2020) – A prolonged drought led to water scarcity, reduced

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