Books and books on how to survive after peak oil and climate collapse


Another End of the World is Possible by Pablo Servigne, Raphael Stevens and Gauthier Chappelle 2018

How Everything Can Collapse by Pablo Servigne and Raphael Stevens 2021

The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible by Charles Eisenstein 2013

Power – Limits and Prospects for Human Survival by Richard Heinberg 2021

Upheaval – How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change by Jared Diamond 2019

The End of Growth – adapting to our new economic reality by Richard Heinberg 2011 (The last chapter is called Managing Contraction, Redefining Progress)

The Limits to Growth, the 30-Year Update by Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis Meadows 2004

The Great Disruption – Why the Climate Crisis Will Bring on the End of Shopping and the Birth of a New World by Paul Gilding 2011