The Big Shift book cover
The Big Shift: Rethinking Money, Tax, Welfare and Governance for the Next Economic System by Deirdre Kent

Reviews of the book The Big Shift

“It’s great! Deirdre’s experience lends enormous credibility to her plan and all the details of transitioning.”

– Hazel Henderson, author of Mapping the Global Transition to a Solar Age, President Ethical Markets Media

“I have been waiting a long time for this book. Economics based on mathematical modelling ignores the realities of vulnerable humanity – there has to be a preferable alternative to unregulated global capitalism.”

–Gwenyth Shaw, former economics lecturer, Manchester University

“Brilliant! Well written and mind-bogglingly researched. Deirdre Kent certainly covers all bases and has a light easy style for such an intensive topic. Although there may be other solutions for land and money reform, I can’t fault her approach.”

– Bryan Kavanagh, Property Valuer, ex Australian Tax Office

“Every beating heart knows there must be a better way. Deirdre Kent offers a working solution, drawing upon historical evidence that an alternative economic structure can indeed work for the whole and the individual.”

– Munroe Harlow, Ph.D.